Thursday, January 18, 2007

Simple Ways to Fine Tune your Computer

Is your Windows XP running slowly? OS often very slow, and sometimes just a few months, new. The main causes are the files were disorganized, unnecessary programs hogging system resources, congestion at the start, and often even more serious problems. In this guide I will go for free, simple ways in which you can get your computer running just new!

Removing unused applications. Click on Start, then Control Panel and find the Add / Remove Programs. I want you with the list and find all the debris that you never use, or you believe that may be dispensed with. You'd be amazed at how many programs that you have, that you do not care that there is.

Free some wasted space. Click Start, then My Computer and right-click the icon hard drive. Click "Properties" and the "General" tab, click on the clean-up drive. Check each box If there is something that you know that you do not want to clean up, and then click Ok. This usually should allay a lot of space.

Over time, the hard drive becomes really. You get quite disorganized and and the more and more time simply to find the file. One file can be replicated throughout the disk, and this is a very negative reaction to the speed of the computer. Fortunately, XP comes with a software tool to organize your hard drive and make it a much snappier. Click on the "Start" My Computer, right-click on your hard disk and then Properties. Click on the Tools tab and click the Defragment now. Click on your hard disk and click Defragment. This process can take several hours, so you can do it at night or before as you go to work.

Starting off items you do not use. This is my favorite, because of the startup time is so deep. Click Start, Run, type msconfig in the box, and click Ok. Now click on the Startup tab and review programmes, to be transferred. Only those that you really need to keep are : ScanRegistry, TaskMonitor, SystemTray, LoadPower Profile, and their anti-virus and firewall software. There may be others, that you want to keep. My suggestion is Googling name any task, you are not familiar with as there are sites to databases virtually all, and you will say what it does.
Use Outlook Express or other external (non-web) email client? If so, go and remove all of your old messages that you do not need. If you are the kind of person that everyone likes keeping e-mail, it may be for you to be, and make some exceptions. This should free up some virtual memory.

Delete spyware and adware! They have little free ad / cleaners spyware. I would recommend Adaware and Spybot. You can find on Google or You can simply start scanning and delete everything that it is. This should lead to significant improvements.

If you have all that, you definitely notice visible improvements, and the computer should work much smoother and faster.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

World's Tallest Man LEONID STADNYK

Leonid Stadnyk wishes ALL quiet, simple life and inconspicuous. But 33-year-old Ukrainian is too high for that.

Height of 2.53 metres (8 feet 4 inches) Stadnyk could be high in the world, and it continues to grow. = Measurements in the Ukrainian branch Book of Guiness" show it is no longer seen Tunisian Radhouane Charbib listed in the book as the tallest living man.

he local and foreign press have descended on his home turf, making minor celebrities. He gets paid for some of the interviews and has been assisted in the shoes and clothing, that may match it.

But, says Stadnyk its height brought him little joy.

"During all his life, I would be shorter. I was bowing down, bend, "Stanik said : visited his home in a small village of Podolyantsi in central Ukraine. "I always wanted to be in the shadows, I am not trying to stand up, but now ... "

Stadnyk happy memory, when he was approximately the same size, as his classmates in the village school, even a bit shorter. But then at the age of 14, he began to grow rapidly. = First, no one seems to take much notice of Monologue awkward boy with a shy smile, but then his first problems began.

"There is no shoes, no clothes for me in the shops. When I was undergoing medical checks, they could not measure my height scale is not enough. Then I became self-aware, "he said, blaming hormonal imbalance for his growth, despite never proper medical examination to diagnose his condition.

Huge problem Order made for the clothes is not easy in the former Soviet Ukraine, often simple operations may require dozens of documents. Money is not enough after he had quit his job as a veterinarian due to poor health.

He said his arms were very strong but complained that his legs are getting weaker under his weight of about 200 kg (440 pounds).

"In my work I had to travel more than seven kilometers every day. With my height I could move only by horse, on a wheelchair."

"No matter whether it was winter frost or summer heat, animals fell ill and I had to go. I did not have proper shoes and my feet froze. I had to stop working."

Now his mother breadwinner in the family and Stadnik stays at home and takes care of the house land and cattle.

The family house is crumbling. He was careful to walk with bowed head to avoid the ceiling, He feet chair with a small his knees nearly reaching his chin. He sleeps on two beds. = Stadnyk receives a pension worth about 150 hryvnias ($28) per month, and require at least $200 just to order pair of shoes. They last about four months, he said.

A mother and son in the domestic fruit and vegetables.

"Life is difficult". We work, it is very difficult to earn a living, "he said. "Every year it becomes more and more difficult. Years passed, my health gets weaker." And he says it alone.

Stadnyk in the village was isolated. Most people believe that finding a job in the big cities. Houses cry out for paint and the half-broken fences.

He dismisses local media around saying he has no plans to use his extreme size and move into show business. He wants to stay with his mother, his best and only friend at the time, and work in the garden.

"I do not smoke, do not drink. Every penny I can save I spend on buying seeds and seedlings. garden is a place for me. Height does not mind. "

Walking on Green

We have 700,000 Life Hours

Do you know that an average person who lives 80 years old has only more or less 700,000 hours of life time?

Yeah, I've been playing round with my calculator when I have nothing to do. Yup, it's boring.